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Grade 5

Welcome to Grade Five! In reading, our first unit focuses on analyzing themes while closely examining the texts. In units two and three students will focus on complex nonfiction including argument and advocacy. During our final unit, students will enjoy participating in book clubs with a focus on fantasy. Writing units for the year will correlate with the reading units of study. Students will develop fluency in math with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and decimals. In addition, students will develop an understanding of volume, geometry, and measurement. Our science units will include concepts such as sound, light, Earth and the solar system as well as science and technology in society while implementing the scientific method. In our social studies units students will also research Native American culture and early colonial settlements leading to the Revolutionary War. Students will have the opportunity to develop and improve their map skills while studying these topics. As the students’ year unfolds it is amazing to see individual growth towards becoming independent learners in preparation for the Middle School.