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Grade 4

Welcome to Fourth Grade! Over the course of the year, students will be engaged in a wide range of academic skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. In Reader’s Workshop, students read a variety of genres as they aim to improve stamina and reading comprehension. Our reading units focus on informational reading, poetry, reading history, characters in fiction, and mythology. In Writer’s Workshop, students use the writing process to plan, create, and publish a variety of narrative, persuasive, and informational essays. Writing stamina is a primary focus as they improve skills using Chromebooks to support research collection and typing skills.. The math curriculum focuses on multiplication, division, fractions, geometry and data collection. Students investigate the water cycle, ecosystems, magnetism, force and motion and electricity in Science. Social Studies units focus on map skills and the development of regions in the United States. Technology is integrated throughout all curricular areas. Teachers work diligently with students throughout the year to support individual learning needs and empower students with the necessary strategies to ensure a successful and positive middle school transition.