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Grade 3

Welcome to Third Grade! As students begin to explore reading in depth, they look to construct meaning across text. Students will be expected to read a mix of fiction and nonfiction materials. A Writing Workshop model is used to instruct students on narrative, opinion, and informational writing. In Math, students are expected to become proficient in multiplication and division. In addition, students will apply problem solving strategies as we explore measurement, data collection, fractions, and place value. A major focus in third grade is for students to increase their reading stamina and demonstrate fluency in facts across the operations. This can be supported at home by reading with your child and practicing math facts. Our Social Studies units encompass map skills in order to explore the geography of Connecticut. The students also learn about our state’s history and notable people. In Science, we will learn about the properties of water, earth materials, and animal adaptations. Students learn and use the Scientific Method to conduct experiments. Third Grade is an exciting year full of learning and growth!